All classes are private and done in your space on your time (some group classes are offered at St. Mark’s Hospital and are indicated below). Other birth team members are welcome to all classes at no additional cost, just let me know who will be attending.

Traditional Childbirth Prep:
4 hour class - $250
6 hour class - $300
8 hour class - $350

5 - 2.5 hour classes - $400

2-3 hour class - $200

Basic Package:
4 hours Childbirth Prep, 1 hour Breastfeeding, 1 hour Newborn Care - $350

The Everything Package:
4 hours Childbirth Prep, 4/5 - 2.5 hour HypnoBirthing sessions, 1 hour of Breastfeeding, 1 hour of Newborn Care - $500.00

Group Childbirth Prep Class:
6-8 hours of class time broken into  2-4 classes - $250 per couple

Group HypnoBirthing Classes:
Contact me for prices (it depends on how many couples want to attend).

I also teach group HypnoBirthing classes at St. Mark’s Hospital - $150 for 5 classes of HypnoBirthing, plus a tour of St. Mark’s Hospital/ discussion on postpartum AND a night of breastfeeding (7 classes total, Tuesday nights 7-9:30pm)

Register online here:

If you don’t see the package you are looking for here, I can put together a package of classes perfect for you. Just contact me and we will work something out!

Additional Classes and Groups:

Be Your Baby's Whisper - $100 - 4 hours 
Did you just have a baby? Is your baby having trouble taking naps, staying asleep or transitioning from day to night? Does your baby have long periods of crying? Having any issues with breast or bottle feeding? 

This service is designed to support new parents through crying, sleeping and feeding their babies. To give new parents ideas on how they can best support thier babies. All babies have sleep, wake, eat cycles that becomes their rhythm. When we tune into their rhythm, we can respond to their cues and help them develop healthy eat/ sleep habits. We can also reduce the amount of crying and create more household relaxation.

How does this work?
I come to your home and spend up to 4 hours observing as your baby moves through several sleep, wake, eat cycles. I meet you right where you are at and we go from there. If it's breastfeeding, we start there and then move to sleep. If it's crying we start there with various calming baby techniques. We work together to identify your baby's cues and signals then put some ideas into action. We practice baby wearing, swaddling, soothing and develop a comfortable sleep environment for your baby. What we do depends totally on the family's situation and most of all, what is happening with baby - NOW. Then last, we put together a plan on how to best support baby, mom and family. We stay in contact over then next few weeks to make sure the plan is working or make adjustments where necessary.

You can choose to try this service once or have me back again. No limits on this service.

Baby Steps - $20
At St. Mark’s Hospital I also teach the Baby Steps class. This class is excellent to for new parents and anyone planning on caring for a newborn. It includes the most up to date newborn care & safety information, as well as basic infant CPR. This class is taken before baby comes.

For prices, times, registration and more info, visit:

FREE Baby and Me Support Group - Fridays 12:00-1:30pm
This is an ongoing group meeting aimed at providing social support for families with babies. It's a great opportunity for parents to get out of the house and meet other parents. Each week we check in with each family, find out what the latest victories and challenges are, then we have a short lesson or just dialog. I am one of the few educators at St. Mark's Hospiral who has the honor of leading this group.

Every Friday 12-2pm - Ongoing 
St. Mark's Hospital, Women's Pavilion, Classroom A
Light snacks provided

Register at: