"I don't know if anyone else can relate, but when I got pregnant I was awed and empowered by my body's ability, not only grow a child, but then to give birth (I mean, come on, your inner goddess should be dusting her shoulders off) yet, at the same time, I was so mentally unprepared and nervous. I had no idea how I was going to push this little babe out of me. That's why I began researching Hypnobirthing and was how I found Sierra.

Sierra! She is amazing. We were to lucky enough to invite her into our home for private Hypnobirthing classes, I still miss them 9 months later. Sierra is so genuine in her desire to make sure you have all the tools you (and your partner) need to feel prepared for birth.  She is incredibly kind, patient, and supportive. I assure you, after your first meeting she will no longer feel like a stranger, but a confidant and true friend. Let her help you find calm, peace and power during this amazing journey. You will not regret it." ~ Ashley H.


"Sierra and I became friends recently and we instantly hit off with our love for babies, mothers and a somatic approach to childbirth and postpartum. She is an wonderful mentor and new friend." ~ Amber O.

"In April and May, 2016, Sierra supported me during the first 6 weeks postpartum after the birth of my second son and rainbow baby (a baby born after loss). Because of the arduous journey with secondary infertility combined with the loss of both my parents, I was certainly in need of loving and caring support. Sierra provided that, and more; and I couldn't be more grateful to have been supported by her.

I did ample research and interviewed a few doulas before landing on Sierra. Within minutes, I knew she was the right fit. She was poised yet soft in her demeanor; a great listener and excellent at echoing the needs that I conveyed. She was able to quell my fears and reassured me that my mommy instincts would be supported, that she was there to make sure that I could take care of myself so I could take care of my baby.

Once the baby was born, Sierra made sure that I was able to rest, eat, shower, and even vent or cry if I needed to. She helped meal prep, organize and store my expressed milk, fold laundry, hold a fussy baby, among so many other tasks. I was terrified of the thought of even grocery shopping with my newborn. She made sure to accompany me and the baby in any task I wanted to tackle, giving me the confidence that I could do anything!

I can't quite explain in words how wonderful Sierra is at her job. She has a special ability to see a need for a new mom, and effortlessly offer help without stepping on toes. She is a leader yet she knows when and how to let Mom call the shots. She's gentle, supportive and kind. Without Sierra, I'm sure my postpartum period would have gone downhill quickly. My whole family is better off today because of the loving care she gave to me.

Sierra was the perfect doula for me and I recommend her highly."
~ Nicole L.

"I hired Sierra as my postpartum doula and I'm so glad I did!!! She was extremely helpful as I transitioned to being a mom of 5. My 4th was only 15 months so I really needed an extra person to help me manage things the first few weeks. She showed up happy and cheerful and ready to work. She helped with cleaning, laundry, and caring for my other children. She also cared for my baby while I showered and did my hair and ran errands. It was heavenly! She is knowledgeable about postpartum recovery and breastfeeding, too. I highly recommend her!" ~ Fiona J.

"I contacted Sierra Brooks for an interview as my postpartum doula in March of 2016. I was not exactly sure what I would need postpartum, but I wanted to make sure I had all aspects covered, so I asked for 24/7 care for the first 3 weeks. Sierra worked to gather a team of postpartum doulas to fill that schedule.

Once my baby arrived via c-section, and we went home, we realized we needed more care during the day and not at night. We ended up mainly using Sierra and her partner Danka Orellana as our daytime doulas. 

The things I liked most about working with Sierra were her manner. It is such that I felt comforable asking even the most obvious of questions, in other words, she is very approachable. She was always there when I needed her but never too close or too far. She is both a great resource and an access point to other great resources." ~ Stacey K.

"EVERYONE NEEDS A POSTPARTUM DOULA! And you would be lucky to have Sierra! Knowing she would be available for me for whatever I needed when my babies got here gave me a lot of peace about the unknown. She came and did an in home private birth class that was so informative and came in really handy cause I had my babies a few days later! My babes had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks after birth and she was an incredible support, both in person and over the phone! When we came home she did 1-2 overnights a week for about a month. She took amazing care of my babies and I got some much needed rest! Sierra was there for me in every way! Whether it was someone to talk to about mother in law stresses, or breast feeding struggles she was there. When I wanted someone to share the joys of small accomplishments with, she was there. Anytime I had a question about anything she was an amazing resource! if she didn't already know the answer she would find out! She gave me the encouragement and confidence I needed to really enjoy a time that can be incredibly difficult. I am forever grateful for her and all that she did for my family!"Katie J., Mother of twin girls

"'Call me anytime. About anything!' This is what Sierra told me after speaking with me, a total stranger, for the first time. I knew she meant it, and I have taken her up on the offer.  She truly is open to lending a helping hand, in this case sage advice, any time of the day. Every time I reach out, I finish our conversation feeling validated ('This is challenging!') yet also hopeful ('This gets better!') and more confident ('Watch your baby. Trust your instincts. Your baby will tell you everything!'). Sierra absolutely loves to talk about babies and nursing-her enthusiasm and awe over the wonders of the human body are infectious. She is truly doing her work on this earth, educating us new mothers, or soon to be parents, during a time that can feel overwhelming, exhausting, and confusing. Having Sierra has felt like a guiding star and grounding energy. She is a gift to my family." 
~ Emilie W.

"Sierra was a life saver for my husband and I. We initially hired her for her private birthing classes. My husband and I work long hours and couldn't get off work for the classes at the hospital. We took her hypnobirthing class and her traditional birthing class and her breastfeeding class in order to prepare for the birth of our baby girl. Sierra was extremely helpful and knowledgable. Little did I know that hiring her for these classes would be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only because I felt very empowered by my knowledge during my delivery but because I knew I had support after. Sierra has helped me navigate my new life as a mommy by giving me breastfeeding support, helping me figure out my babies sleep cues and having someone to talk to about all of my concerns so I didn't call my midwife or pediatrician every day (first time mom here):) 
Everyone should have Sierra on their side through pregnancy and after. 
Thank you so much Sierra!!!"
Celeste H.

"My husband and I took a private hypnbirthing class from Sierra. When we started, I thought it would be something interesting to look into, but was initially skeptical about how it would help in the birth of my baby. Sierra was great at answering all of our questions. She worked with our needs, and completely changed her planned lesson on occasion. She helped me to envision a calm and peaceful birth. I used a combination of hypnbirthing techniques and medical pain relief. The techniques I learned in Sierra's class helped me have a wonderful birth experience. It was calm and controlled, and was truely an enjoyable experience, despite the normal stresses associated with giving birth. Sierra was always calm and supportive and I am so glad to have had her as part of my birthing experience." ~ Shannon G.

"There is truly something special about Sierra. She is kind, loving and so passionate about educating and taking care of these sweet mommas before and after they give birth. She is well connected in the birthing community and has such a wonderful education in birthing, lactation help and postpartum care. I suggest her to anyone who is needing support weather it be a friendly voice over the phone or her coming into your home to help. She is amazing! Hire Sierra you won't regret it!"Meagan H. (Birth Doula/Team Mate)

"I took the HypnoBirthing childbirth education class 9 weeks before I had my baby. This baby was #3 but it was a whole new ball game for me. I was shooting for an un-medicated vaginal birth after 2 prior c-sections. Sierra helped me so much in class. I learned how to connect with my body and my baby. During labor I was able to use the HypnoBirthing tools which helped me cope and breathe my baby out. I never felt like I had to hold my breath, I was able to roar and use my breath to get him out in 2 contractions. I am so grateful for the love and support from Sierra and strongly encourage all to take her class, even if you are not a first time mom. The class was so beneficial for me, helping me really learn how to relax through hypnosis, and realize my own body's power!" Meagan H. (As a Client)

"I took the hypnobirthing class at St. Mark's with Sierra Brooks. We drove all the way from Orem to take this weekly class from Sierra. I loved the way she presented the material and kept an open discussion for women who wanted to birth in many different ways. Sierra was always available via email, phone, or text to answer my questions. I felt like she was truely my advocate, wanting to support me without any personal agenda. She even gave me extra reading material for the areas where I wanted more help. I really feel like I have tools and education I need to have a successful birth day." ~ Tara M.

"My experience with Sierra was amazing. She is calm, kind and dedicated. She eased my anxieties and helped me turn a traumatic experience into a unique memorable birth story. She supported me when I had my first child, Siera and if she weren't hundreds of miles away with my son, we would have definitely hired her again. She is part of my birth story and my daughter loves to hear how her namesake helped her into this world!" ~ Gina I.

"Sierra was my postpartum doula, her belief in me made me believe in myself! She sat with me at the hospital when my babies had to spend a few weeks there after they were born, supporting, encouraging and listening to whatever I needed to vent about. Then when we came home, the hands on care (a few nights of sleep for me, and expert love and care for my babies) allowed me to be the best mom I could be. Because I wasn't completely sleep deprived I was able to figure out how to do this "mom of twins" thing during the day!

She has so much wisdom and experience to share...from the basic how to's of baby care, to how do I deal with an over zealous mother in law! I was (and am) so grateful that I was able to benefit from all of it!  And on the rare occasion she didn't have the right answer she wouldn't stop until she found either the answer, or the person that had the answer!

My biggest struggle was getting my bottle fed, very small babies to transition to breastfeeding.  I new if I could get them to nurse I could exclusively breastfeed, and that is what I really wanted. Even though I experienced a lot of discouragement, she always new I could do it. Thanks to her support and helping connect me to a great IBCLC, we did it! I look back on my time as a mom of newborn twins with such joy and Sierra played such a huge role in that!!" ~ Katie J.