Postpartum Doula Service

Postpartum Doula Rate - 35.00/ hour
**See below for special offers and package pricing

What is a Postpartum Doula?
A postpartum doula is a support person for families with newborn babies. My focus is on mothering the mother so that she can be the best mother she can be. My goal is to help the new parents develop and gain confidence in their own unique parenting style and skills to the point that they do not need me anymore.

Types of Postpartum Care:
Once or As Needed (suggested 4-hour minimum during the day, suggested 8-hour minimum overnight)
Long term care (a commitment of 3 weeks or more)

What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?
The job of a postpartum doula varies from day to day. It also depends on if it is during the day or overnight care. 

During the day, I focus on what’s happening with mother and baby in that moment. Does she need food, rest, her space clean and clear? Maybe she needs someone to listen to the story of her birth, or a walk in the sunshine? Or maybe her baby is having a hard time with breastfeeding or sleep. My job is to assess the daily situation and take action based on mom's priorities. Some things I will help with include but are not limited to: 

  • help the family process the birth and postpartum experience
  • set attainable goals and make reasonable accomplishments each day
  • go for walks
  • practice baby wearing 
  • help make sure mom gets a nap and shower
  • family laundry
  • assit in household organization
  • meal planning and prepping
  • grocery shopping (with you or you can send me)
  • baby feeding support, both bottle and breastfeeding
  • older sibling preparation and support
  • information and resources on various newborn/postpartum issues 

Overnight postpartum doula care depends greatly on what the parents need and can vary from night to night. Just some of the ways an overnight postpartum doula can help include: 

  • wake with mom/baby - stay up with mom through feeding and help get baby back to sleep
  • stay with baby through the night while parents sleep, bringing baby to mother for night nursing
  • clean and prepare mom's pump parts (if she's pumping)
  • bottle feed baby through the night so parents can catch up on their sleep
  • bottle cleaning and preparing (if bottle feeding)
  • laundry if requested
  • cook crock pot meals through the night if requested

Typical overnight hours range from 7pm-7am.

Whether your family needs to catch up on some much-needed rest or help navigating night time wakings, feedings, and getting baby back to sleep, let me support and guide you. 

Once or As Needed
If you are not sure you need a postpartum doula, you can hire me just once or even here and there as needed. This would not guarantee you a place on my calendar, but if I am available I'm yours.

There is a suggested 4-hour minimum during the day and 8-hour minimum for overnights. Daytime and nighttime task descriptions are above. 

Long Term Care
This is for the people who are planners and would like to commit to more than 3 weeks of care. This allows me to book a block of time for you on my calendar and gives you comfort knowing you will receive the postpartum support you need.

*A space holder fee will be required to hold space on our calendar for you.

Who Needs a Postpartum Doula?
Every parent bringing a newborn baby into their family needs a postpartum doula! There was a time when a woman would give birth and her whole family and even tribe would gather around her and make sure she was taken care of. In our culture today, many new parents find themselves alone, isolated, and expected to do it all. We have unfortunately gotten away from the “it takes a village” mentality. A postpartum doula fills that gap and provides the emotional, physical, practical, and informational support a new family needs.

"My very favorite thing about being a postpartum doula is watching parents step into their confidence! I hold the space, meeting them where they are at in that moment ~ and provide the support, information and resources they need to be the best parents they can be." ~ Sierra Brooks

  • Gentle Sleep Consulting & Overnight Sleep Support or Postpartum Doula Care400.00 + 30.00/hour for overnight or postpartum care

  • Prenatal Classes, Gentle Sleep Consulting and Overnight Sleep Support or Postpartum Doula Care
    Full price classes, 400.00 Gentle Sleep Consulting + 30.00/ hour for overnight or postpartum care

  • Prenatal Baby Sleep Support Class - 200.00
    2 hour private class, in your home, to learn what you can do to set your family up for healthy sleep habits. Learn about baby cycles, rhythms, cues and communication, as well as swaddling and safe sleep. Create a custom sleep plan for your family.
    Enjoy discounted support once baby arrives with this class:
    5.00 off per hour of postpartum care (35.00/ hour regular rate) and/or 50.00 off Gentle Sleep Consulting (450.00 regular rate)
    ~ separate services and classes full price
    Group classes available upon request and must have 4 or more couples. 
    Group Rate - 100.00/ couple