Sleep Consulting

What is a Gentle Sleep Consultant?

A Gentle Sleep Consultant is someone who understands the cycles, rhythms and cues of babies, and is a guide for parents as they find their way to healthy sleep habits for the whole family. I do not use a specific "method" and this is not "sleep training". I identify what is going on with the baby and help parents know what to do to best support their baby's sleep. I can help any baby 0-12 months, but when you think ahead prenatally to prepare your home and plan for healthy sleep, you can set yourself up for great sleep right from the start!

Planning for Best Sleep Workshop - 125.00

2 hour private class, in your home, to learn what you can do to set your family up for healthy sleep habits. We will look at what tools you already have and what you might need to get you off to the best start with sleep. You will recieve the most up-to-date evidence based information on baby cycles, rhythms, cues and communication, as well as swaddling and safe sleep.
Ideally this class is great to take in your last month of pregnancy or within the first 4 weeks of birth. Babies welcome!

Want to catch up on your ZZZZ’s as well as get support implementing your plan? 

As a special perk of purchasing the Planning for Best Sleep Workshop, or any sleep package/ service, you may choose to add-on overnight support (8-12 hours of support through the night) or in person support, where I come and assist you in implementing the family sleep plan for the reduced rate of 30.00/ hour (a 35.00 value).

Gentle Sleep Consulting - 300.00

  • Consultation - in person over the phone or via email/ text (always included)
  • Custom family sleep plan (100.00 value)
  • 3 months of unlimited phone, email and text support (250.00 value)
    Add on overnight or in-person support implementing the sleep plan for 30.00/ hour (35.00 value)

Choose Your Care (services sold separately):

  • Sleep Plan - (this includes 1 consultation but no additional support - you may add-on 1-3 months of support; this price is for the plan only) - 100.00

  • In-home sleep support - 35.00/hour
    Setting you up, observing, tips and support

  • Overnight sleep support - 35.00/hour
    Overnight support implementing your custom sleep plan

  • 1 Month of phone, email and text support - 125.00

  • 3 Months of phone, email and text support - 250.00


  • Sleep Plan + 1 Month Phone, Email or Text Support 200.00
    Add on overnight or in-person support for 25.00/ hour

  • Sleep Plan + 3 Months of Phone, Email or Text Support - 300.00
    Add on overnight or in-person support for 25.00/ hour
    (This is the same as the Gentle Sleep Consulting Package)

  • Prenatal Classes, Gentle Sleep Consulting and Overnight Sleep Support or Postpartum Doula CareFull price classes, 300.00 - Gentle Sleep Consulting (already a package price) gets you in person support or overnight support for 30.00/ hour (a 35.00/ hour value)

If you don't see a package that fits your needs, contact me for custom packages and pricing.