Gentle Sleep Coaching

What is a Gentle Sleep Coach?

A Gentle Sleep Coach is someone who understands the cycles, rhythms and cues of babies, and is a guide for parents as they develop and implement their family's sleep plan and or sleep strategies. The goal is to help families maximize their sleep in the most gentle way possible.

Sierra Brooks, Bud to Blossom's Gentle Sleep Coach (and Owner)
Hello! I am Sierra ~ One of my very favorite things to do is help parents understand and support their babies to maximize their family's sleep.
I do not use a specific "method" and this is not "sleep training". I identify what is going on with the family and baby's sleep, looking at the whole picture from wake to bedtime and through the night. I look at the family's sleep goals and help to create a plan to achieve those goals in the most gentle, age and developmentally appropriate ways possible. What sets me apart from other sleep programs is that I empower parents to use their parenting instincts and their connection/understanding to and of their baby(ies) so that they can support their baby's best sleep. Sleep for baby = sleep for everyone. Sleep = Sanity.

Prenatal Baby Sleep Class - 200.00
When you think ahead prenatally to prepare your home and plan for healthy sleep, you can set yourself up for great sleep right from the start!

Contact me a few months before your baby is due for a 2 hour in-home prenatal class to prepare for sleep once your baby is born. Learn all about newborn baby sleep cycles and cues, and how to best support your baby's healthy sleep habits from the beginning. 

 Gentle Sleep Coach Package - 600.00

  • 1 hour consultation, video or phone call 
  • 3 months of unlimited phone, virtual, email and/or text support 
    Add on Overnight Sleep Doula to help implement your plan:
    In-person, overnight baby sleep support ~ 48.00/ hour

Choose Your Care (services sold separately - al a carte):

  • 1 Hour Sleep Consultation - Discuss your vision for your family's sleep (1 hour phone or video call, includes consultation and first 5 nights text or phone support implementing plan) 200.00 Flat Fee
    Add 1-3 months support separately - see below

  • Gentle Sleep Coaching Obseration - 48.00/hour
    In-person overnight baby sleep support. Guidance on developing & implementing a plan for maximizing family's sleep, setting up sleep spaces, observing infant sleep behaviors & family sleep dynamic. Provides ideas and techniques on how to gently support baby to it's healthiest sleep habits and to meet the family's sleep goals. 

  • Overnight Sleep Doula - 48.00/hour
    In-person, overnight baby sleep support. Sleep Doulas can simply be with baby while parents catch up on sleep, and/or help parents implement their family sleep strategies and or plan.

  • By the Month
    Unlimited phone, virtual, email and/or text support as you implement your family's sleep strategy & plan - 250.00/ Month

  • 3 Months of phone, virtual, email and/or text support - 600.00


  • 1 Hour Consultation + 1 Month Phone, Email or Text Support - 300.00
    (100.00 savings)
    Add on overnight, in-person Sleep Doula - 48.00/ hour 

  • 1 Hour Consultation + 3 Months of Phone, Email or Text Support - 600.00
    Add on overnight, in-person Sleep Doula - 48.00/ hour
    (This is the same as the Gentle Sleep Coaching Package)

If you don't see a package that fits your needs, contact Sierra for custom packages and pricing.